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American Recycling of Western North Carolina welcomes you. Our company is ready to serve your recycling needs. From office paper recycling programs to full truck load shipments, our professionals will serve you with our unique brand of quality, value and integrity.

With a large full service recycling plant in the heart of Asheville plus sales and marketing offices in Georgia, Wisconsin and Tennessee serving domestic and international markets, American Recycling of WNC is the premier source of superior recycling and recovered material solutions in the Carolinas.
Recycling is good for our economy
Recycling creates jobs
Recycling reduces waste
Recycling is good for the environment
Recycling saves energy
Recycling preserves landfill space
Recyvling prevents global warming
Recycling reduces water pollution
Recycling protects wildlife
Recycling creates new demand
American Recycling of WNC  |  1291 Sand Hill Road, Candler, NC 28715  |  Phone: 828.418.0777  |  Email: