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 Confidential Collection and Destruction of Recovered Paper 
Our drivers empty paper recycling bins from your dock into a rear loading compactor truck.

The driver empties the bins completely and makes sure that no paper is left on or around the truck. The driver then delivers the paper to our plant, which is fully enclosed and secure. Once the truck arrives at our facility it empties the paper onto our surge floor, where it is combined with recovered paper collected from other supply sources. We then sort any trash and cardboard from the office paper using our automated sorting system.

We then compress (bale) the paper into 1500 pound packages.

We load the bales directly from the baler onto a van trailer staged at our dock. Once full, the trailer is sealed, a mill designated freight carrier then delivers the trailer to our paper mill partner.

At the paper mill, mill personnel break the bales inside their secure facility and deposit the paper into a pulper.

The ensuing pulping process removes the ink and other contaminants from the paper and converts your office paper into paper towels and bathroom tissue.
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