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 Printing Companies 
Printers come in all shapes and sizes, with unique needs and objectives, which is why a single approach to recycling waste paper doesn’t fit all printers. Because we want to customize a program that best fits each printer, we take extra care to learn the unique requirements of each one we work with. We want to understand the company culture, the printer’s specialties, facility constraints, and special goals and needs.
Compactor Programs
We are the experts in the design, installation and maintenance of Compactor Collection Programs. These unique programs free up valuable floor space and eliminate the eyesore of waste paper staged for pickup, hereby enhancing facility safety and housekeeping. The program implementation is very simple. We install compactor and cover all expenses with the exception of the electrical wiring inside your building. We also supply special tilt carts for easy storage and handling of your scrap. Once the carts are full, your associates can easily empty them into the compactor. Being able to empty the carts as soon as they fill up reduces the number of carts required and frees up valuable floor space. The price we pay for your paper includes the cost of installation, maintenance and the hauling cost to our plant.

Click Here for details and photos of an existing Compactor Program
Baler and Air System Programs
For qualified large printers we offer installation and financing on baling and trim removal systems. We specialize in designing systems that offer quality and value. Since selling baling systems for profit is not our focus, we will only recommend what is appropriate and best for the specific application with a view to achieving excellent performance for the best possible value.

Click Here for details and photos of an existing Baler Program
Trailer Programs
We can spot storage trailers free of charge and supply buggies or other suitable containers for storage of your waste paper and miscellaneous material. When the trailer is full, we pick up the full trailer and drop off an empty one.
Straight Truck Programs
For small to midsize printers we supply storage buggies and pick up as often as is necessary, even daily if required.
Rear Load Packer Programs
We offer service to small printers with our fleet of rear load packer trucks. We can pick up small quantities of waste at a dock or at ground level.
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