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"As we grew, our waste volumes became quite a hassle and labor intensive. American Recycling proposed a compactor system with automated dumping for our scrap. They handled the design, installation and training necessary for a smooth transition. The compactor program frees up valuable floor space and eliminates the eyesore of waste paper staged for pickup. Once the carts are full, we simply empty them into the compactor. Being able to empty the carts as soon as they fill up reduces the number of carts required and frees up valuable storage space."

-Michael Lawing, Vice President of Operations
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Genesis Press
"American Recycling was recommended to us when we moved our 60,000 Sq. ft. manufacturing plant to SC. There team spent the time to learn our operations and our needs. American Recycling recommended the equipment needed with various options. They drew up all the plans and brought in a top notch teams to handle the installation of a very complicated system of evacuation pipes throughout the plant, dust removal system, compactor with dumping station and Baling equipment. We were fully trained on the equipment and Ron and his team have always been there to remove our waste paper regardless of our production levels. There employees are honest, accommodating and professional. Working with American Recycling has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

-Chris Petrone, Chief Operation Officer
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"Shred-it has partnered with American Recycling for quite a few years and at multiple facilities. As our Charlotte operation grew, American Recycling came alongside and helped us plan out our new facility. They helped design the plant layout as well as finding and installing all the equipment necessary to handle our recycling stream. The system included conveyors, a dust control system, and a hydraulic baler. They financed the entire system and simply deduct the lease payment straight from our monthly recycling revenues. The additional revenue captured from selling our baled material more than pays for the lease. American Recycling was professional throughout the entire process."

Brook Hobgood, General Manager
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